Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Sunday 21st to the Sunday 28th of July

Here are some links for Afton Water, where I am staying with my Nan and Grandad : this is there blog, reviews, website and Facebook
 Sunny Sunday 21st July 2013

I got up at 7 am and played on the Xbox; I was playing on Battlefield 2 until I stopped at 8 am because I got frustrated with the game.

The cage:
Me and my grandad went to the cage and played basketball. There I taught him the basics on how to play. It was exhausting!

We played piggy in the middle with Annie the dog              
Annie tries to tackle me 

Nice header Annie

 Here duckies have a snack

                                                                                             Did he just shrink?


Dinner: I went to Hilltop pub to have dinner with my Nan, Grandad and Mum.

 Go away I'm eating!

Pub night
Smith and Jones    The next snooker championship winner
The next day: Monday 22nd of July

Me and my Nan had a diving contest whilst my Grandad judged it. He was a wimp because apparently he had a bad back. If you want to go swimming, in New Cumnock, I would recommend this swimming pool. Here is the link: click here

The walk:
Time to get ready for the walk. the mask is to stop the midges.
I could be a lumberjack  Let the battle commence!

Time to rest after the walkPhew! 

The following day Tuesday 23rd of July

Let me concentrate!

    Here it comes

                                             It is a bit too high 

Have it!                                                                                                                                                  

             The 3rd day: Wednesday 24th of July
A lot of random stuff
Just putting my cream on  The                                                                                                                                                 guests arrived                                                                                      Waiter!

                I'm still hungry 
Lets game!

                           Thursday 23rd of July

Gutting fish
Lets gut some fish!

Pacific Rim film review

Pacific Rim is an outstanding film with action all the way through. The cinema we went to was called Odeon Kilmarmock I think that this film is: funny, exiting, fast and most of all action packed. I would strongly recommend this film because some of the actors act really well i.e.Raleigh Becket - Charlie Hunnam and  Mako - Mana Ashida. here is a link to the cast. I went with my Nan and Grandad to see the film. The monsters looked like giant sea creatures also they are gigantic! the machines where about the same size and it took 2 people to operate it by a drift. A drift is where 2 people can see in to the other persons memories. The main characters were, Raleigh Becket and Mako. . an evil force breaks free from the sea and destroys a lot of cities but the humans build monsters of their own and defeat them. I thoroughly enjoyed the film.   

                                                        Friday 24th of July

Annie dresses up in my clothes 

                                                          My long lost sister 

 Don't shoot I'm innocent